Computer Vision Workshop for Mixed Reality

by Joshua Noble

Thursday 3rd May 2018 - Friday 4th May 2018 (9am - 5pm)

Tutor: Joshua Noble

Limited number of places.

Workshop for artists, designers, photographers, developpers, game designers, data analysts and strategists with Joshua Noble - author of Programming Interactivity and Arduino in Action. You will learn about how machines can see and learn about the world around them.

You will explore how computer vision is used to create augmented and mixed reality, object recognition, and understanding image context. We'll also discuss specific kinds of cameras and strategies for working with computer vision in making art, creating videos and film, in building intelligent spaces, and in working with robotics.

We'll cover very basic techniques for seeing colors and tracking objects all the way to complex machine vision techniques for detecting objects and classifying them.

You should bring a laptop with a camera and with Processing installed and working and the Video library installed and working (run a few of the examples beforehand to make sure that they work). Processing can be downloaded from and the video library from here.

Facebook event here.

Contact for further questions:
Ľubica Fandl Drangová at