Annette Mees

Interactive Narratives

Annette Mees is the head of audience labs at the Royal Opera House in London, a new department which will be experimenting with immersive technology opening up new experiences for audiences. She was a Creative Fellow of WIRED magazine and The Space, the guest artistic director of the Danish Inspiration Lab, and started her career as co-artistic director of interactive theatre company Coney.

Annette has worked with diverse partners across sectors including Tate Britain, the United Kingdom Parliament, Ogilvy, WIRED Magazine, British Council, The National Theatre of Wales, SJ01 San Jose Biennale, Nesta, and several UK universities. She enjoys bringing together interdisciplinary teams that normally do not work together. Annette has worked with a wide range of specialists including artists, designers, theatre makers, academics, politicians, thinkers, futurists, creative technologists, AI experts, film makers, historians, curators, producers, advertising agencies, a magician and an astronaut.

She started out at Royal Academy of the Arts in The Netherlands, while living in the country’s hackers HQ. This combination led to an artistic practice focused on live connections and digital possibilities, with the audience as its hero.

She is an expert in the development of new interactive narratives and experiential digital models that spark imagination and innovation. She advises and speaks nationally and internationally on audience interaction, the integration of live and digital work, cross-disciplinary collaborations and how to make beautiful experiences that allow for a real dialogue.


Picture credit: Wired

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