Sensorium Opening: Lanark Artefax / Tomáš Prištiak

Friday 4 May 2018

A4 - Space for contemporary culture, Bratislava

As part of the Sensorium Festival and with collaboration with the A4 – Space for Contemporary Culture, we are extremely happy to introduce to you one of the most mentioned new names of the future-oriented electronic music – Lanark Artefax. A relatively young project of a Glaswegian, Calum MacRae, got a lot of attention thanks to the last-year’s record Whities 11 that was released at the same-called London Label and was sold out faster that the stolen metadata from Facebook. Not talking about occupying every second chart focused on the best music of 2017, from the FACT Magazine up to the Resident Advisor. MacRae disproves the absurd everything-has- already-been- said kind of statements. His manuscript is characterised by finely chopped chorals, frenetic breakbeats, surgically deconstructed techno and electro elements put together into a precision mosaic that sounds like a soundtrack for the time after singularity. The last bits of humanity collide with sound of posthumanism in an unpredictable and at the same amount terrifying and fascinating swirl. All of this without an indication of needless nostalgia, widely spread illness within the current electronic production.

Thanks to his uncompromising attitude, young and only 23 years-old MacRae gained attention of the genre’s veterans as Aphex Twin, Lee Gamble or Björk playing regularly in their sets. Live set, meanwhile gaining almost a cult status in the community of electronic-music fans, was premiered last year at the prestigious festival Unsound in Krakow by Lanark. Sensorium will introduce sensory orgies built on complex audiovisual setting for the first time in Slovakia. With the exception of Sensorium, Lanark Artefax will perform only a few more concerts at prestigious festivals like Sónar Festival, Rewire, Nuits Sonores and Melt Festival.

Heart related issues: Tomáš Prištiak a.k.a. Buoy (a.k.a. ½ Tante Elze) will introduce his new EP Mechanical Heart Valve that was created as a acknowledgement for a certain French cardiologist. Fortunately, it didn’t end with just an email communication and since January he has been enriching the Slovak bandcamp with a new spectacular project. All sound of EP are put together exclusively from the artificial valve of Tomáš’ cousin, Daniel Gulas.

“I think sci-fi has actually played a role in scrambling people's brains about what 'the future' really means.” - Lanark Artefax

“….a bit like watching a beautifully shot film on a scratched DVD." - Mark Smith, Resident Advisor Review

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