Sensorium Club Night: Music For Your Plants (EST) / w y m e / Detlef Dakar / Inso

Friday 5 May 2018

Fuga - Space for missing culture, Bratislava

"Visualizing reverse-imperialism is therapeutic for a generation of dreamers. Having inherited a melting globe, the intelligent designer considers the anti-history of human beings. Through simultaneously envisioning an edenic past with potential utopian futures, the dreamer embarks on a mission: to colonize the original imaginative germ into fallow soil in order to avoid disaster." - Tiny Mix Tapes

Estonian sound nomad - Norman Orro a.k.a Music for Your Plants will take you on a journey into jungle of raw, adjusted and virtual reality. MFYP is a visual music in which the digital wrecks and flat images of long-disintegrated ecosystems hit the walls of virtual reality. Behind the curtain is a dystopian world of the so-called technosphere – the grey oceans and immensely vast fields of solar panels. Subatomic fusion of broken electronics, grime, IDM and techno in MFYP's hands collides with fragments of suspicious genres such as trance or Balearic.

The result is a sound world inspired by contrasts between anthropological iconography and growing electronic colonialism, in which five giant corporations own the whole world transformed into units and zeros. "By shifting the natural world and his representation made of pixels, MFYP opens a green data cloud that hides a complete recontextualization of the expression 'world music'. (DIS Mag) The MFYP will fluently continue with a line-up based on the most exciting local names of the bass music, mutant grime, electro, hybrid techno - w y m e, Detlef Dakar and Inso.

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